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Ile aux Aigrettes, Nature reserve

Ile aux Aigrettes, Nature reserve

Since 1985, the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation has weeded, replanted and restored 90% of this coral island by reintroducing native plants, birds and reptiles. Thus, MWF recreated the ideal sanctuary for a flora and fauna that cannot be found anywhere else.

This small 27-hectare island, located 800m off the south-east coast near Mahebourg, is home to the last remnants of dry coastal forest, once found around most of Mauritius. Over time, Ile aux Aigrettes was affected by tree cutting and land clearance, and the introduction of exotic animals and plants almost destroyed the native fauna and flora.

Today this lost paradise is open to the public. A professional will guide you amongst the giant tortoises and the pink pigeons that have been rescued and freed after a 30-year conservation effort. The 10 bronze sculptures exposed on the island by artist Nick Bibby will take you back in time.

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